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GSMST Honor Orchestra

The GSMST orchestra program has four performing orchestras lead by director Dr. David Richardson: Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, and Honor Orchestra. One of GSMST's largest organizations, the orchestra program serves approximately 20% of the school and provides a range of musical experiences for students. 

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GSMST 2017-2018 Registration Information - July 27, 2017 - 3-8pm - West Wing



To all students (and their parents) participating in BAND, ORCHESTRA, or CHORUS:

On Thursday July 27th, please come at your convenience between the hours of 3-8pmfor the GSMST Music Boosters BAND, ORCHESTRA, and CHORUS registration at GSMST in the West Wing. Park in the back GSMST parking lot and enter at the student drop off entrance used during STEM week. Signs will be posted and volunteers will greet and direct you upon entering the building.

Registration should take anywhere from 30-45 minutes (sometimes less if you're fast with a computer!) to complete!

At registration you will:

- Enter all personal and emergency contact/medical information into our online database allowing us to fully communicate with our Music Booster families

- Submit the $100 booster fee (covers formal uniform, awards, clinicians, and MUCH, MUCH, MORE!), $20 casual uniform fee, and *optional* $3 instrument locker fee

- Submit the annual $60 GCPS instrument rental fee via My Payments Plus. This is ONLY for students using a school-owned instrument (BAND: larger instruments; ORCHESTRA: cello & bass) 

- "Give 'Em 2!" We are asking EVERY parent to volunteer a mere 2 HOURS of their time to help their student's musical endeavors. Sign-up is quick and easy at registration.

While we understand summer vacation plans may still be happening, it is vital to get our students off to a good start in their school year by handling these registration items early. Please make every effort to attend!!

If you have questions contact the director for your student's ensemble:

  • BAND - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • CHORUS - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • ORCHESTRA - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







GSMST 2017 Audition Information

RISING 9TH GRADERS wishing to audition should sign up here:




Below are the audition requirements for Symphonic, Philharmonic, and Honor Orchestra auditions for ALL STUDENTS (Rising 9th and returning GSMST students) for the 2017-2018 school year. Rising 9th grade students who choose not to audition will be placed in Concert Orchestra. Auditioning for an ensemble does not guarantee placement within that ensemble, and students should choose the audition best suited to their ability. 



2017-2018 Audition Results

Below are the audition results for 2017-18. Thank you to everyone who auditioned. Remember, if you are unhappy with your audition results the best thing to do is KEEP TRYING! Don't let one bad audition get you down. No requests to re-audition will be granted.

The ensemble selection was based on a number of factors (e.g. ensemble balance, scheduling concerns, etc), not just the simple score. Dr. Richardson reserves the right throughout the school year to move students between ensembles as needed or it if becomes clear through student performance the audition result was incorrect.

Audition results are listed by ensemble, alphabetically by last name. If your name was inadvertently left off any of the lists, please contact Dr. Richardson immediately. 

HONOR ORCHESTRA (Mastery Orchestra)

10 Brandon Cabigon Soliber Violin
11 Jesse Chen Violin
10 Timothy Cho Cello
11 Judy Chong Violin
11 Joshua Chough Cello
10 Vicky Chung Violin
11 Nicholas Couchara Violin
10 Chloe  Deunsing Viola
10 Kailey Ford Violin
10 Neha Gregory Violin
12 Samantha  Huang Violin
10 Irene Jerish Cello
11 Francine Kibwana Violin
10 Jonathan Kim Cello
11 DaSeul Kim Violin
11 Alex Kim Violin
12 YuJin Kwak Viola
12 Carol Lin Cello
9 Terry Ma Violin
10 Diane Moon Violin
12 John Moreno-Vazquez Viola
9 Milan  Nayak  Violin
10 Gabby Nguena-Jones Bass
12 Sarah Pritchard Violin
12 Shruthi Santhanam Violin
12 Juhee  Shin Violin
12 Tyler  Standfield Violin
11 Julius Tao Violin
10 Michelle Wang Viola
9 Grace Wang Viola
11 Chelsea  Yangnouvong Viola
10 Josh Yu Cello
11 Joseph Zhang Bass


9 Lauren  Bae Violin
11 Valentina Ceron Andraus Violin
11 Poojita Chimnay Violin
9 Ashley Chong Violin
12 Nicole Cyriac Violin
12 Linh Dang Viola
10 Andrew DeLeon Cello
12 Benjamin Guise Violin
12 Meeju Her Cello
9 Timothy  Hwang Cello
10 Arnav Jain Violin
10 Kara Kim Violin
9 Justin Kinsey Viola
12 Joseph  Lee Violin
9 Eugene Lee Cello
9 Dylan McDonald Violin
12 Emily Medrea Violin
10 Kaito Moghalu Viola
9 Nithin Naren Viola
10 Mayowa Odunjo Violin
12 Cindy Phan Viola
10 Chirayu Salgarkar Violin
11 Anushka Saxena Viola
10 Suruchi Shah Violin
10 Nidhi Shah Violin
10 Alex Shin Violin
11 Martin Still Cello
9 Lily Trent Violin
11 Frank Tsang Violin
10 Olivia Wang Cello
10 Chris Weidenmann Bass
10 Sarah Winters Violin
11 Emily Xu Cello
11 David Yi Violin

SYMPHONIC ORCHESTRA (Intermediate Ensemble)

11 Albert Adel Cello
9 Jaelyn Allen Violin
12 Mikayla  Alves Violin
10 Juan Armes Cello
9 Faizaan Baig Violin
12 Maria Cabrera Violin
9 Julie Cao Violin
12 Janice Cherono Cello
10 Kayla Cinque Violin
9 Ezoza Eshova Viola
12 Noreen Faroqui Violin
10 Sebastian Gomez Violin
10 Alex Gonzalez Violin
12 Shan Hakani Violin
11 Hania Hashmi Violin
12 Christina  Hitchcock Violin
9 Daniel Hong Viola
9 Joshua Johnson Violin
11 Gem  Johnson Violin
10 Jason Kim Cello
10 Joycelin Lau Viola
11 Justise Lemons Viola
11 Samantha Luna Violin
10 Isabel McHenry Viola
11 Brennan Mercker Cello
9 Liane Nguyen Viola
9 Miki  Nguyen Viola
10 Aarya Oza Viola
10 Rhea Pandit Violin
11 Annie Patel Violin
11 Daniel Pickel Violin
9 Sridevi Pulugurtha Violin
10 Maaz Qureshi Cello
10 Derick Ramos Cello
12 Lauren Saddler Bass
10 Jada Sanford Cello
9 Claire Snelgrove Violin
11 Ahmed Syed Viola
11 Yousuf Syed Violin
10 Jake Tzou Violin
12 Jennifer Vu Viola
11 Jonathan Wilson Viola
9 William Yoon Viola

CONCERT ORCHESTRA (Intermediate Orchestra)

10 Precious Adeniyi Bass
9 Theodora Alese Viola
9 Ruth Asefa Violin
9 Faizaan Baig Violin
10 Helen  Belete Viola
9 Christopher Brown Bass
9 Samantha Bui Violin
10 Chris Carr Cello
9 Jemel Clarke Cello
9 Maya Creary Violin
10 Anh Dang Violin
9 Indrakshee De Violin
10 Ananya Dhiljith Violin
9 Orelle Dixon Viola
10 Nyla  Duhon Violin
9 Tyler Fazenbaker Viola
10 Maya Frazier Violin
9 Nitya Suhas Gaddam Violin
9 Amy Garcia-Torres Violin
9 Howard Griggs Violin
9 Nyny Hoang Cello
9 David Hwang Violin
9 Aidien Inniss Violin
9 Madison Juarez-Lopez Violin
9 Afiya Khan Viola
9 Andy Kim Cello
9 Joorahn (Rachel) Kim Violin
9 Christina Le Violin
9 Annabell Lewis Viola
9 Eden Lin Violin
9 Lindani Maphenduka Viola
9 Alejandra Martinez Cello
9 Shawn Mathew Violin
9 Michael Maycock Cello
10 Zen McGee Viola
9 Matthew Mendoza Viola
10 Stacy Metelus Violin
9 Megha Mishra Violin
9 Ziganubari Monkpe Viola
9 Sonika Nallapu Violin
9 Anna Nguyen Viola
10 Tony Nguyen Violin
9 Evan Nguyen  
9 Peyton Norville Violin
9 Jennifer Ogbodo Violin
10 Chukwusom Onyejekwe Cello
9 Omoefe Otaigbe Violin
9 Heily Ovalle Cello
9 George Owusu Violin
9 Robert Page Cello
9 Christopher Parker Violin
10 Charmi Patel Violin
9 Valerie Quarshie Cello
9 Meghna Raman Violin
9 Misael Rodriguez Violin
9 Dayana  Sandoval Violin
9 Sukanna Sarkar Violin
9 Sophia Shaikh Viola
9 Kya  Shine Cello
9 Alexis  Silva Cello
9 Ashley Singh Violin
9 George Sorkin Viola
9 Samyek Subba Double Bass
9 SaNiyah Tanks Violin
9 Vicky Tong  
9 Zoe Torio Violin
9 Han Tran Viola
9 Jaiden Tull Violin
10 Nicholas Vashakidze Viola
10 Ishika Verma Violin
10 Olivia Volmar Violin
9 Aden Wang Violin
9 Aaron Williams Violin
9 Leo Xu Violin
9 Jocelyn Yanez-Soto Viola
9 Elva Zhang Violin