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GSMST Honor Orchestra

The GSMST orchestra program has four performing orchestras lead by director Dr. David Richardson: Concert Orchestra, Symphonic Orchestra, Philharmonic Orchestra, and Honor Orchestra. One of GSMST's largest organizations, the orchestra program serves approximately 20% of the school and provides a range of musical experiences for students. 

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GSMST 2018-2019 Audition Results

Thank you to everyone who auditioned for placement in either Symphonic, Philharmonic, or Honor Orchestra! We have LOTS of talented students at GSMST, and that came through in the auditions.

Some students have mentioned they didn't play their best. Remember, auditions are never easy. There are lots of factors that can affect a performance in an audition:

  • Nervousness
  • Not having prepared well/long-enough
  • Not getting enough sleep
  • Not having a good breakfast
  • Family stress on audition day
  • ...and others...

Unfortunately, it is the nature of an audition that there's only "one shot." Please know that if your performance wasn't your best, you will have an opportunity to play a better audition for the 2019-2020 school year. It would be unfair to allow individual students to re-audition for this coming school year - then EVERYONE should have that opportunity, and there simply isn't time for that.

Please also keep in mind that Dr. Richardson reserves the right to move individuals between ensembles based on the ensemble's personnel needs or if it becomes apparent a student's ability level far exceeds the ensemble in which they have been placed. It is the nature of any school that, for a variety of reasons, students will leave a class or the school entirely. This type of situation can leave a hole in an ensemble, and Dr. Richardson reserves the right to move students to help fill those holes. 

Please also be aware these results were compiled by a HUMAN, and it is possible a HUMAN error may have been made. A name may have been left off or accidentally doubled. If you find that to be the case, please contact Dr. Richardson and he will work to resolve the error.


Linah Ann Viola
Brandon Cabigon Soliber Violin
Olivia Cai Violin
Nicholas Chang Viola
Jesse Chen Violin
Judy Chong Violin
Joshua Chough Cello
Victoria Chung Violin
Ricardo DeLeon Cello
Chloe Duensing Viola
Kailey Ford Violin
Nevin Gregory Violin
Neha Gregory Violin
Irene  Jerish Cello
Gabby Jones Bass
Tara Kim Violin
Alex Kim Violin
Da  Kim Violin
Jonathan Kim Violin
Gabriel Liu Cello
Jashua Liu Violin
Roland Mason Violin
Diane Moon Violin
Milan Nayak Violin
Daniel Ng Violin
Noel Park Cello
Eric Park Violin
Yuri Park Violin
Sanjna Prakash Violin
Chirayu Salgarkar Violin
Julius Tao Violin
Olivia WANG Cello
Grace Wang Viola
Chelsea Yangnouvong Viola
Alex Zhong Violin




Jaelyn Allen Violin
Juan Armes Cello
Lauren Bae Violin
Chelsea  Campbell Violin
Valentina Ceron Andraus Violin
Poojita Chimnay Violin
Morgan Durham Viola
Timothy Hwang Cello
Arnav Jain Violin
Kara Kim Violin
Joycelin  Lau Viola
Eugene Lee Cello
Kaito Mogahlu Viola
Nithin Naren Viola
Ashley Nguyen Viola
Myqui Nguyen Viola
Mayoa Odunjo Violin
Michelle Park Cello
Paula Pelet Cruz Cello
Maaz Qureshi Cello
Eun Sil Rollins Violin
Shobana Santhanam Violin
Nidhi Shah Violin
Suruchi Shah Violin
Alex Shin Violin
Nishka Soni Violin
Martin Still Cello
Nandita Suri Bass
Lillian Trent Violin
Michelle Wang Viola
Chris Wiedenmann Bass
Sarah Winters Violin
Emily Xu Cello
Leo Xu Violin
David Yi Violin
William  Yoon Viola



Oluwaferanmi Akande Violin
Jasmine Akinpelu Violin
Muska Alemi Violin
Thedora Alese Viola
Julie Cao Violin
Aryaman Chakravorty Violin
Kyle Chen Viola
Kayla Cinque Violin
Anh Dang Viola
Orelle Dixon Viola
Mariam Drammeh Cello
Nyla  Duhon Violin
Maya Frazier Violin
Sebastian Gomez Violin
Alex Gomez Violin
Hania Hashmi Violin
Nyny Hoang Cello
Shirley Huang Violin
David Hwang Violin
Alvin  Ivanowski Violin
Saith Jiminez-Garcia Violin
Josh Johnson Violin
Andy Kim Cello
Justise Lemons Viola
Young Lin Cello
Frank Liu Violin
Samantha Luna Violin
Alejandra Martinez Cello
Courtney Palmeri Viola
Rhea  Pandit Violin
Daniel Pickel Violin
Sanai Pope Violin
Sri Pulugurtha Violin
Meghna Raman Violin
Derick Ramos Cello
Clarissa Reizenson Viola
Sophia  Samuel Violin
Maya Sandoval Violin
Vansh Sharma Viola
Kiya Shine Cello
Victoria Siry Violin
Claire Snelgrove Violin
Ahmed Syed Viola
Yousuf Syed Violin
David Tran Violin
Layla Turner Violin
Ishika Verma Violin


Ruth Asefa Violin
Alexander Berndt Cello
Shaylen Braide  
Samantha Bui Violin
Kyle Chen Viola
Josephine Chivore  
Susie Choi Violin
Arian Chowdhury Violin
Maya  Creary Violin
Oluwatamilore (Tami) Dairo Viola
Talem Damene Violin
Timothy Doan Violin
Aidan Douglas Violin
Jelani Dumornay Violin
Lawrence Evans Viola
Lillian Fritz Viola
Henry Fu Violin
Suhas Gaddam Violin
Ahema Gaisie Viola
Isabel George Cello
Noah Griggs Violin
Samad Hakani Violin
Hana Hazeem Violin
Angelina Hoang Violin
Isabela Hurtado Violin
Nneka Ijeli Viola 
Najma Jama Violin
Yung-Chi Jao Cello
Madison Juarez-Lopez Violin
Wook Jung Cello
Dhanusai Kanteshwara Viola
Mustafa Khan Cello
Allen Kim Viola
Haseon Kim Viola
Katie Kim Violin
Miranda Le Viola
Jessica Le Violin
Christina Le Violin
Yirson Leonel Viola
Eden Lin Violin
Brianna Lynn Viola
Donovan Mach Violin
Ambika Manjunath Viola
Joseph McLaughlin Violin
Jennifer Morales Violin
Sonika Nallapu Violin
Kirstyn Navarro Viola
Joshua Ngui Violin
Cecilia Nguyen Violin
Jennifer Ogbodo Violin
Chukwosom Onyejekwe Cello
Negar Oromi Violin
Caroline Ott Viola
George Owusu Violin
Amari Parker Violin
Mahimna Patel Violin
Charmi Patel Violin
Elizabeth Pirkle Cello
Ashlyn Purvis Cello
Sana Raheja Violin
Sofia Rama Violin
David Rogers Viola
Siya Saha Violin
Raigardas Saritas Cello
Sophia Shaikh Viola
Trinity Skeete Cello
philip son Cello
Samyek Subba Bass
Nathaniel Tadesse Violin
Efrat Tesfayi Bass
Han  Tran Viola
Sneha Varughese Violin
Aden Wang Violin
Kimora Warner Violin
Loren Weber Violin
Seth Williams Violin
Aaron Williams Violin
Priya Woods Cello
Priya Woods Cello
Khloe Yarde Viola
Leo Zheng Violin
Joseph Zinga Bass




  • Violin - A Major and G melodic minor (any bow pattern, any tempo), 3 octaves
  • Viola - D Major and C melodic minor (any bow pattern, any tempo), 3 octaves
  • Cello - D Major and C melodic minor (any bow pattern, any tempo), 3 octaves
  • Bass - F Major and G melodic minor (any bow pattern, any tempo), 2 octaves

2. SIGHT READING (a brief sight reading excerpt will be given following standard GMEA sight-reading procedures)

3. EXCERPTS - perform 2 excerpts for the appropriate ensemble:

SYMPHONIC excerpts (all instrumental excerpts in PDF file - 2 excerpts per instrument)

PHILHARMONIC excerpts (all instrumental excerpts in PDF file - 2 excerpts per instrument)

HONORS excerpts (all instrumental excerpts in PDF file - 2 excerpts per instrument)